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Category: Camshaft Sensors
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A camshaft sensor is an integral part of the car. It is one of the devices that help the engine run smoothly. The camshaft sensor is located in the hood, beside the engine. However, it isnít always easy to find it. This is because the exact position of the camshaft sensor depends on the car brand. That said; whichever the car, youíll find the camshaft sensor in either one of three locations: by the side of the engine block, behind the cylinder head, or in the carís lifter valley. The camshaft sensor is a small, but significant, magnetic device. It gathers and sends information about the vehicle's camshaft speed (and as a result the position of each piston) to the electronic control module. These data is received by the on-board computer, which then uses this data to further calculate the time of ignition and the timing of fuel injection required by the engine. This information is vital for engine function. At times, either due to accidents or due to wear and tear, the camshaft sensor can weaken. In the case of a camshaft sensor failure, the weak or disrupted signal is interpreted by the on-board computer as a problem, and this affects the proper running of the vehicle

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