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Bowl-vent Solenoids

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Category: Bowl-vent Solenoids
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The bowl-vent solenoid reduces vapor emissions while idle-passage solenoid is used to overcome engine run-on (dieseling). The bowl-vent solenoid seemsharmless but t isn't if it fails. When the engine is off, the fuel bowl vents to the charcoal canister to hold down vapor emissions to the atmosphere. When the engine starts, the solenoid operates a valve to close off the canister line and open a vent in the carburetor air horn. Should the bowl-vent solenoid fail in the off position, the air-horn vent will always be closed, and the only venting will be through the canister. The canister, however, has a purge hose to manifold vacuum (to suck vapors from the charcoal when the engine is firs started). If the air-horn bowl vent is closed, engine vacuum also will pull air from the fuel bowl, lowering air pressire in it. Result: a very lean mixture and engine surging. If you get surging, check the bowl-vent solenoid. With the engine idling, pinch off the vent hose to the canisterm and if the engine soon stalls, a bowl-vent solenoid problem is indicated. Next, umplug the solenoid connector and you should feel or hear the plunger inside move. If you don't, then confirms the problem.

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