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How To Change A Tyre

Park your car on firm, level and non-slippery ground away from traffic if possible. Turn on the hazard warning lights and turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0) and remove the keys. Warning! If the car is in a dangerous or very busy location, ask for roadside or police assistance.Put the transmission in Park (for automatic) or Reverse (for manual). Apply the parking brake. A...   More... >>

Five tips fo choosing your car mechanic

Having and driving a good car has many advantages and brings loads of good times and fun. However, as any other mechanical thing in life, a car can also break and would need timely service. Since each time you step into any car you are putting your life at risk, your car should be properly taken care of and you should make sure that every single detail and part of gear is working how ...   More... >>

Preparing your car for a long road trip

Preparing your car for a long road trip will save you a lot of time and trouble if you get into trouble while out on a highway. If you trust that your car is able to handle an extended journey, going through these steps should be very quick for you. Emergency Supplies Before you even inspect your car, make sure you have these items or get them together and put them into your trunk or other room...   More... >>

Adjustable suspension

Adjustable suspensions provide a number of remarkable advantages for automakers. For starters, the suspensions can be adjusted to provide a smooth ride for luxury and comfort oriented vehicles, or they can be tuned to provide responsive and controlled handling. An adjustable suspension can save automakers the trouble of making an array of changes to their conventional suspension setups in ...   More... >>


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